I found an old coffee can filled with old recipes that my great-grandmother used from the 1920's through the 1970's. While I have yet to actually try any, I hope to this coming summer, as there are a LOT of recipes for preserves. Some of these recipes are handwritten, and many are torn from newspapers and magazines. Please enjoy, and let me know if you try any!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Baked Steak With Tomatoes

Select 1 pound of tender round steak or pork steak and cut into pieces 2 inches square. Put a layer of steak in a baking dish, salt and pepper. Add a thin layer of onions and a layer of canned tomatoes. Salt and pepper each layer of meat as desired. Continue until baking dish is filled having tomatoes for last layer. Sprinkle a little flour on top of tomatoes and bake two hours in a moderate oven or until meat is tender. Before serving cover top of meat with buttered bread crumbs and brown in oven. Delicious.

Mrs. I. W., Ill.
(From Successful Farming magazine, dated September 1930)

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