I found an old coffee can filled with old recipes that my great-grandmother used from the 1920's through the 1970's. While I have yet to actually try any, I hope to this coming summer, as there are a LOT of recipes for preserves. Some of these recipes are handwritten, and many are torn from newspapers and magazines. Please enjoy, and let me know if you try any!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stuffed Apple Pudding

Allow one apple to a person, Northern Spies, if possible, peel, and cut off a thick slice from the top to use as a lid. Remove the core and scrape out the center till a thin wall remains.

Chop one apple, add to the scrapings, with a few chopped nuts, chopped seeded raisins, sugar and cinnamon to taste. Put this mixture into the cavity, press down and put on the end, and arrange closely in a buttered baking dish. Surround the dish with water and bake till the apples are tender.

Beat four eggs and one cupful of sugar thoroly, then add a small cupful of flour. Pour this mixture around the apples and bake till done. Serve with whipped cream.

O.E.C., W. Va.
(From Successful Farming magazine, dated September 1930)

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